Monday, July 4, 2016

My Birthday and the 4th

My birthday this year was pretty low key, but the kids did make me quite a delicious cake, and Micah got me some amazing gifts. I've been wanting a painting of Christ to put up in our front room for awhile. I already had a Christus, but we have so many big walls in our front room that I just thought that I really needed a nice painting to help fill in the wall space. I've also been wanting a big clock. Luckily for me, I have an awesome husband who decided to get me both. :) 

A yummy dessert from a restaurant for my b-day. Yay!

I got to actually go to Hobby Lobby to pick out my clock. It was a lot of fun. Micah picked the painting of Christ, and I think he did a great job!

Here's a picture of the arrangement on my wall thus far. I plan to continue to add things to my walls and so this arrangement will change over time. 

Next up was the 4th.

On the 2nd, Lila and Brighton went with my sister to an airport to participate in some fun activities. They ended up in the Deseret News newspaper as patrons of the event. It was a fun little thing. The kids had a great time!

Here's their picture from the paper.

Lila looked all festive for the Sunday before.


The next day, the kids and I headed to Provo to attend the parade. It certainly was hot this year, but we still had a great time!

The kids got dressed up in their patriotic best.

Some fun toes for me!

Then the parade.


Later that day we headed to grandma's to finish out our celebrations. 

We had some fun 4th of July treats to tide us over until the evening. :)

The kids played an intense game of "Don't Eat Pete!"

Then, it was time for my FAVORITE part!! FIREWORKS!!! I love them!


Brighton watched them pretty intensely.

 Lila became very interested in the glow sticks that I had brought.

Happy 4th! I love the U.S.A.

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