Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Random January Photos

One day in January, Micah took Lila to go so Moana, we Brighton and I went to get breakfast at Kneader's, then we headed to Costco where Brighton insisted that I take a picture of him on the big couch that was in the store.

This is a really random picture, but I took a picture of Lila raising her hand at an assembly at school, simply because I love seeing her at school with me. :)

My kids being cute together.

Lila was the all-star in her class and got to make a poster about herself. I only put on things that she said she wanted on her poster... I did help her space them out, though.

Lila made Rapunzel out of base 10 blocks in my classroom.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Australia Day 2017

Australia Day is always such a great holiday. This year we got together at my mum's church building and had a PAR-TAY!  I was one of the few brave adults to put on a tattoo mustache that my dad sent over. I think I look great. ;)

My nephew Damion, who was cool enough to follow the mustache trend.

Other fun "costume" wear...

My nails for the occasion, courtesy of my cousin Janet. Thanks, girl!

Emma and I made this cake for the occasion. It was fun to make, but took forever! 

You should see the original shrimp I made... disgusting! We were trying to use the fondant we already had... instead, we just had to start again, because the other stuff was just too disturbing to look at.

Much better!

Of course, we can't forget the rest of the delicious food!

I tried to take credit for the mini pavlovas... but, alas, it was Laura who actually made them. I made lamingtons.

Just a few of the desserts.

After food, it was singing time. We had another Aussie lead us in some songs. I don't remember his name, just that he's Jimmy's brother-in-law. :)

We always play great games at this shin-dig! 

You sure can't beat pass the boomerang. My legs got so weak from laughing while holding the boomerang, that people really had to hold me up. I was dying!

 Some other fun pictures from the evening.