Monday, August 31, 2015

First Day of Pre-school

Our little bean has grown up enough to go to school! Can you believe it? Even better, she gets to come to my school for preschool. August 27th was her first day and it was great. She was just so excited to go. I was lucky enough to be home that morning because of a doctor's appointment that I got to get her ready. Then when she was done she came home from work with me. 

My big girl at her new school!

I love you Lila and I'm so excited for you to learn!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Back to School Feast

Even though it's only Lila's first year of school, I decided to have a back to school dinner with the family. I really hope to make this a tradition. It was a lot of fun and it made Lila even more excited to go to school.

We had lasagna and garlic bread… we were supposed to have salad, but I got home from work late and we had soccer practice so it was a little rushed.

On the table was our theme for the school year. I love this scripture!

After soccer practice, I read the kids the book The Kissing Hand and related it to our family theme. I gave Lila a kiss on her hand and she gave me one, too. It was really sweet. Then we made kissing hand cookies for dessert. 

It was a simple evening, but oh, so much fun! 

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Lila is FINALLY old enough to play city league soccer. I have been waiting pretty much since she was born for her to be able to play. I love watching this little girl in action. She definitely doesn't really know what she's doing, but she's a trooper and really does try. So far she's only had two games and two practices, but honestly she has already improved. She's loving it and I love watching her play!

Her coach is great and VERY patient. I have some great videos too, but I'll just put them in another post.

Her first practice… she had a lot to talk to the coach about. ;)

Her first game. Go Cheetahs!

Brighton REALLY, REALLY wanted to play on be at the park next to the field. He was not interested in watching. Only a few more years bud! I can't wait!

The first half for Lila was a little rough. She wasn't getting the ball so she had a hard time and kept wanting to talk to Micah and me about it. The second half was a lot better after she talked with her daddy… except the one time she picked up the ball so she could kick it better. :) We had a good laugh.

After her first game. 

You'll probably see a few more posts about soccer before the season is up. It's just too cute to not share. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

A New Headboard

I've been wanting to make a headboard for a while now. Before my summer was over Micah and I decided to go ahead and do it. I initially wanted a more neutral material, but when I was looking at the store I was drawn to this pattern. I think I just wanted something to add a little interest to our bedroom. Our master bedroom is very slowly coming together so it doesn't look so much like a brand new couple's room. :) 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Random Summertime Fun

This year we had a great summer hanging out at home. We had family visit from Australia, we spent some time at Thanksgiving Point, we swam at our pool, we made fun meals as a family, and just enjoyed time together.

This post is just a few random photos from this summer that I wanted to include to remember our good times.

They love dressing up. :) 

She loved getting this sticky hand for her birthday. Oh the things that entertain a 4 year old.

 She was ready to go swimming… excuse our messy house. ;)

Lila wanted to try on her new soccer gear. Brighton decided to get dressed, too. 

Brighton looked so handsome walking to church. 

Lila loves to make silly faces. We were waiting to go swimming at Aunt Laura's work party.

I love that Brighton loves to wear hats like his dad.

My beautiful little girl. 

The kids being silly.

We went to our brand new Cold Stone to enjoy free ice cream. So delicious!

We found Brighton asleep in his crib with his pants off and his winter hat on. (He's now in a big boy bed! They grow so fast. :( )

This was us watching the plane of the Candy Bomber. It's that tiny little speck near the bottom of the photo.

I love this picture of Brighton. He's so adorable and angelic in the photo.

Having a fun day of painting.

We tried bubble pizza. It was okay… we'd probably make it again.

These are all pictures from my cousin's daughter's birthday. They went and got their hair and make up done at a school. They looked adorable!

 Lila is the only one that wanted her hair straight. She also did blue eyeshadow because her cousins did.

The whole group… Lila was being a bit grumpy because of the sun in her eyes.

Getting ready for some birthday cake.

A day at the park.

The kids trying to play 500 with their Uncle Will.

My family enjoying one last summer evening together. 

I love family time!