Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Random Photos From All Different Times

This is a compilation of some photos that I have that I don't know when they occurred. Since I don't have many posts for November, I figured this was a good time to include them. :)

 Lila "stuffed" her shirt. :P

I asked her why she had stuffed and she said that she wanted to wear this purple, sparkly thing, but didn't know where to put it. This is what we compromised on. 

Brighton just chilling' out in front of the t.v.

The kids turned their table into a rocker. They got going pretty fast.

Brighton was helping daddy make dinner.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

We bought a beautiful, but fake Christmas tree this year. Even though we absolutely LOVED our real tree last year, it was quite a bit of work, so we're thinking of doing that every few years instead of every year. Micah didn't want to buy another tree, as he thought our old 6 ft. one would suffice. Our ceilings are really high, and after having the big, beautiful real tree, I wasn't about to stick to our tiny old one. Thankfully, I was able to convince him to let me get another tree.

My sister, Laura, so awesomely went out on black Friday and got this for us and delivered it that morning. Isn't she amazing! Thanks so much, Laura! You really kicked off our holidays in a great way!

Here it is, mostly decorated. 

We put our old tree in the kids' room. Quite the small tree, right? Perfect for their room, though.

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

My mum was in Australia this Thanksgiving holiday, so we did our own at home. I had beautiful pictures of the delicious feast that Micah and I prepared, but they were lost. Boo! The only pictures I have from the whole day are these cute place settings that I made on my cricut. I guess it's better than absolutely nothing. They are really cute. I kind of want to make them for my whole family next year, when we get together at mum's. We'll see if I'm allowed to. ;)

Even though you can't see the turkey that Micah made, just know that it was absolutely delicious. I'm so glad that he likes to do that kind of stuff. It made it a lot less stressful for me. We had a great meal and got to spend some really quality time together. I love this holiday. I love them all, but it's great to have such a focus on gratitude. 
I'm so grateful for my family and my extended family. My life is only as great as it is, because of them. I'm grateful for my job and for my role in helping children learn. I'm incredibly grateful for the gospel in my life and the guiding light. Most of all, I'm grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ and my loving Heavenly Father.  I don't know what I would do if I didn't have the knowledge that they love me and want what is best for me. My life is directed by that knowledge and I look forward to seeing them again some day.