Thursday, June 30, 2016

Random June Photos

Here we go with the photo dump from June.

One night we went to check on our kids before heading to bed. When we went into Lila's room, we couldn't find her, but could hear her slightly snoring. After a short search, we found her under her bed. I told you she ends up in the weirdest places when sleeping!

I had to include these pictures because I have pictures of Lila wearing this exact same cupcake pan on her head as a little girl. Oh and yes, he is wearing girl underwear. We hadn't yet bought boy underwear, but wanted to get him started potty training. We've since remedied that. :)

 Baby cousin Vance came to visit us. Lila just loves babies!

 Brighton got invited to his first friend party this summer. He loved that slip 'n' slide!

 Lila decided to create her own superhero costume out of the cape she and her daddy made and a belt on her head.

The morning of Micah's birthday, my brother Jared called and asked if we wouldn't mind watching his baby girl Q for a few days while he took his wife and oldest daughter to London for his daughter's birthday. Jealous!!! 
Of course we said yes! Look at this adorable babe! 

 Lila loved having a baby around to cuddle.

She was pretty happy by the end of her stay with us. We sure loved having her around.

June was a fun month.

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