Monday, July 18, 2016

Yellowstone Part 2

The first morning of our stay by Yellowstone started off with a beautiful sunrise. I know that you can't really tell in the pictures, but I'm going to include it anyway. :) 

The older cousins all slept together in one room. They had a blast, but they were also good about going to sleep. 

 We joined Tracee in her van to start off our adventure into the national park. Thankfully she had plenty of room for us, a DVD player, and patience for young children. :) We're very grateful to her for helping us to have a successful trip. The family caravanned in several cars.

 We saw some bison pretty far away early on in the trip.

Here's a closer up from my sister. We never got this close to one.

 The beauty of this park is astounding. I can't choose which pictures I like most, so I'm just going to include them all!

We also found an eagle perched on a log. So our whole caravan of cars stopped to take a look. It let people get pretty close.

Brighton did get grumpy early on. I know it sounds like an excuse, but that Dramamine along with all of the excitement tends to get to him. He cheered up as the day wore on.

We found this really cool tree that most of the cousins decided to pose in.

Can you tell in the picture that the girl cousins have matching hair? It was courtesy of Aunt Tracee. They loved it... especially Lila. She liked feeling like a big girl.

Damion was off at the bathrooms when we were taking these pictures, so we decided we'd take some more pictures with him a little later. By the time he got back, Brighton became too grumpy again to want to participate, hence his frowny face in the front of the group. Ha!

After hanging out at the tree, we went to take a look at some of our first geysers. These things are amazing! Earth is amazing! Our planet never ceases to amaze me.

After those first geysers (I don't remember what they were called), we headed to Old Faithful next. I'm not going to lie, I wasn't that interested in Old Faithful because it wasn't great the last time that I came. 

Lila and P kept themselves busy by kicking around in the dirt while we waited for the rest of the family to find us.

Finally, we were all here (there).

We got there pretty early on and were able to find a really good spot to observe. Even as people started filling in, they were very kind to let our little kids get up front and watch.

 Brighton had a great view from on top of his daddy's shoulders.

It was really funny to watch because the geyser would start to bubble a little or a a bit more steam would come out and you'd think "any second now, it's going to blow". Then, nothing would happen. It was pretty entertaining to listen to others' reactions. 

 Baby Addie kept herself and the rest of us entertained by dancing around. So cute! 

Finally, the time came!

I was incredibly surprised by how good it was this time. It's nice to know that Old Faithful really can be awesome. :)

It was so high!

After Old Faithful, we went to some shops where Lila and Brighton each got a slap bracelet, and I got a squished penny. 

We were then on our way back to the cabin. 

When I've seen fliers for Yellowstone, I've always seen this incredibly, beautiful and strikingly, colorful hot spring. When we were driving back to the cabin Tracee and I just couldn't resist going up and seeing it. It's called the Grand Prismatic Spring. We knew that we couldn't stay long, because we had the key to the cabin, but there were cars filling the whole parking lot and the roadside by the spring. There was no parking close by. To solve this problem, Micah took over the driver's seat and Tracee and I literally ran up to the hot spring, took some pictures, then ran back down. It was silly, but really fun, and quite a good memory. Good times. :) Unfortunately, my pictures suck, but I'm still glad I went and took some pictures to remember. Look it up online, though, it's absolutely amazing!

On the drive back we saw some more animals.

Then, it was time for some cousin play on the giant bean bag back at the cabin.

The cabin had a dartboard that Micah and I would play on. I'm not very good at darts so I would just chuck them at the board and hope they would hit. Well one of my throws was good enough to be a bullseye. I actually slaughtered Micah in that game. :) 

Here are just a few pretty things we saw in some stores.

 A peaceful end to a wonderful day.

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