Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Yellowstone Part 4- The Final Day

The final day in Yellowstone, was more of a get up, get stuff together, and get going, day. 

A couple last cousin pictures to commemorate the trip.

We had one final stop to take before heading straight for home. It was to a beautiful waterfall, that I was really looking forward to going to. Unfortunately, Lila was just done, and it turns out I was, too. I'm sure it was a combination of the already long drives and the Dramamine in our systems, but we were in grumpy moods. My dear family tried to help out by cheering up Lila, but it didn't work, and I just grew more and more frustrated with her and myself. Great memories aren't tied to this place because of that, but I'm still glad we went. I felt bad afterward, and apologized to my family.

We didn't really get any great photos, but I did get a few that are still worth sharing. 

There was another set of falls somewhere in this area, but Micah and I decided it wasn't worth it with how Lila and I were feeling. Just the reality of trips, I guess. I hope that I'll behave better next time around. ;) 

I would REALLY love to come back in a few years, to Yellowstone and this waterfall. I had such a great time and love that we got to have a simple, but wonderful vacation. It was perfect for the amount of time we had and I wouldn't have picked anywhere else to go.

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