Thursday, November 26, 2015

Halloween 2015

      Halloween was so much fun this year. The kids were definitely into the holiday. Lila seemed to remember things from last year so all month she kept on asking if it was Halloween yet. We actually got to dress up several times during the month. First, for our ward party. Then, Lila and I each dressed up for school parties and such. Finally, the actual day of Halloween.

 On Halloween we simply went to my mum's ward trunk or treat and we loved it. 

      Lila was dressed as Minnie Mouse, Brighton was a cowboy, and I was the tooth fairy (thanks Bec).  Aren't we adorable?! Okay, maybe just the kids are, but yes, they certainly are! :) 

Here's my sister Sarah dressed as the headless horseman. I was very impressed by her costume. My mum's was also pretty groovy. 

The family that went to mum's party. 

       There was one big bummer for the evening… you may notice that Micah is not in the picture. He wasn't able to join us. Our dang car had problems again! He stayed home and dealt with that while I took the kids. It was so sweet that he still wanted to have the kids go trick-or-treating. Oh well, maybe next year. :( 

It was a calm year which I appreciated. The kids had a great time and I wasn't stressed about trying to drag them around to different houses. They got a lot of candy, but not too much. We got to spend time with my family, which is always fun, and then we got to drive home and sleep in our comfortable beds. A great way to end a holiday.  

The Scarecrow Festival

I really have loved having Thanksgiving Point memberships these past few months. It has allowed me to go to things that I otherwise would've missed out on because of cost. The scarecrow festival is one of those things. I really wanted to take my kids because I thought they would just love seeing so many scarecrows done up in such creative ways. I was right! The kids adored them!

There were so many cute scarecrows that the kids kept asking me to take a picture with, but after so many I finally had to tell them we weren't going to take a picture with every single one or it was going to be a very slow walk.

I do love their faces though! Oh my goodness they're adorable! :)

Brighton's face in these photos cracks me up!
I know the pictures all look the same to most people, but the subtle differences are what I love.

Brighton got distracted by all the leaves on the ground… Lila soon joined him.  


This scarecrow scared Lila.

I have to say that I think Brighton's favorite part was the burlap maze. It was really cute watching him go through it. Lila just loved following other kids through the maze to find her way out. :)

I thought this veteran couple was so cute.

They liked this maze too, but not nearly as much as the first one. I think it was too easy for them. ;)

I don't know what they were doing here, but I love the picture.

The pathway out was beautiful, too!

It was such a fun day.