Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two in August!

Wow! This must be some kind of record... I posted twice in one month! Funny how it's only my third post. Micah and I are finally, really settling into our house. The decorating part is definitely going to take time as it does and also as it costs money it won't be happening any time soon. Other than that though we're pretty much all set up. It's kind of crazy how quickly life has been moving and while I am enjoying it, I kind of want it to slow down so I don't look back on my lazy days and wish I would have done more. Seriously though, I really just want to get out there more and try newer things. I wish I were more adventurous but I'm rather conservative and think a lot of things through before I can really make a decision. It's been good when I've needed to make big decisions, but sometimes I think it holds me back. So here's to me (somewhat) changing and (hopefully) trying new things. I'll have to post about those things if they ever happen. :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I don't actually have much to post about, but I will say that there have been a TON of changes in my life lately. I got a job (finally) in Pleasant Grove as a 2nd grade teacher two weeks before school starts. This job caused Micah and I decide to move to PG to be closer to the school, but it was honestly a really good idea. I really like our new place and there is so much room... enough that we won't have to move when we eventually have a baby. I've been thinking about doing more with my day. I've been so busy lately and exhausted by the end of the day, but I always feel like I accomplished so much. I want to do more crafts, learn to cook better, work out consistently and watch less t.v. Anyway, these are just some thoughts, but I always like writing them down or speaking them aloud to someone. It allows me to think through them more and really consider taking some action. That's it for now.