Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Haunted Half Marathon 2014

My sister Jessica and I decided to run another half marathon. Two years ago we did the Halloween half, this year we did the Haunted one. It was great and I'm really glad we did it, but I had stopped training when we decided to move so I was NOT nearly as prepared for this one as I was for the last. I had only gotten up to 8 miles before I quit training. It worked out okay though. I ended up running the first 8 then walking/running the last 5. The whole race took me about 20 minutes longer than last time. Not bad considering I hadn't run even once in about 5 weeks leading up to the race. 

Our sister Laura also participated in the fun and did the 5k. We were so proud of ourselves for completing the races. My sweet, sweet, husband met me at the end with my kiddos. I'm really happy they were there to support me. He got a video of me running across the line and Lila cheering for me. I loved it!

We dressed up as fairy godmothers because it was easy and we pretty much had all the stuff. 

Laura actually had a different medal (you can see it in the pictures) for the 5k but then a half marathoner asked her to trade so now she matches us. :) 

All of us at my mum's house after the race.

It was hard! I'm still sore... but it was GREAT!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pinterest Party and Addie's Blessing

A few weeks ago the girls in my family had a Pinterest party. I had such a great time! We each brought a food item to share and then worked on a few different crafts together. I love the times that we get together. It's fun to just chat, eat, create, and spend time together. Thanks everyone or participating and making it so much fun!

***These pictures are not all my finished products, just pics from the day.***
So much yumminess! I tried everything and it all tasted so good. 

NOEL (I still haven't finished mine… maybe I should get on that)

Christmas Countdown (These turned out really cute)

Reindeer Applique (Isn't my nephew so adorable?!)


I can't wait to get a picture of all the grandkids in their reindeer shirts. 

Santa Earrings (My niece makes a beautiful model)

The next morning we had baby Addie's (Adelaide Mary Nelson) blessing. We are so blessed to have this beautiful little girl as a part of our family. We love you Addie!

Emma and Ethan with their baby girl. Congratulations! Too bad Micah photobombed. :)

Beautiful baby girl

Most of the family after the blessing

Quick story… Brighton is only in his diaper because right when we pulled into the church parking lot he threw up all over himself. (He gets carsick, so no, he wasn't actually sick) We hadn't remembered to bring a change of clothes so he got to spend sacrament meeting and the luncheon in his diaper. We got a few looks, but they seemed to just be amused. :)