Monday, July 18, 2016

Yellowstone Part 1

For our family vacation this year, we got to stay in a cabin with my family up by Yellowstone (thanks Emma's old boss). I hadn't been to Yellowstone in years and Micah had never been so I was so excited to go. The kids LOVE animals and love being outside in nature, so this seemed like it would be the perfect fit. 

This was the first long trip for Brighton. We were nervous because he gets so carsick, but he did amazingly well. Thank goodness we had Bec's portable DVD player to keep the kids sane throughout the drive.  

Enjoying some snacks while watching a movie.

Brighton was on Dramamine so he got sleepy pretty quickly. 

We got there on the 14th and just relaxed for the rest of the day while we waited for others to arrive. This was the view from the back porch of the cabin. I really wish the pictures did it more justice. It was amazing. I would love to live in a place like that!

Pretty soon some cousins arrived and my kids were ecstatic. They love hanging out with their cousins. Lila doesn't usually get to use an iPad, etc. so she loved watching cousin P play on his family's.

Of course wrestling and rough housing was involved throughout the whole trip. :) 

By the evening, everyone who was coming on this extended family vacation had arrived and we just chilled the rest of the night after a long day of travel.

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