Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Random December Photos

Knowing that my blog is like my family journal, I like to include even random photos so I know they're all safe in at least one place. 

Here are our photos from December. 

When we out shopping for gifts Brighton insisted on trying some size 2 little girl sandals. He really put his best effort into getting it on. It took a while to convince him that it just wasn't going to work. 

Here's Lila "singing" at our ward Christmas party. She was being shy and a little cranky so she really just stood there. She's in the front with the gray shirt.

We made some spritz cookies with our cookie press. This is the first time I've used it. I love it!

Here are some photos from my mum's ward's Relief Society Christmas breakfast... Ugly sweaters, y'all!

Emma put some Jamberry nails on me for Christmas. I've never done them before, but have been wanting to try them. They're cool! I like them better than painting my nails… which I almost never do.

One night we were eating Cafe Rio and Lila turned to me and said, "Mom look! It's Australia!" She was so excited and I do have to say, I was impressed. 

This was actually after Christmas since Brighton's playing with the train set he got and Lila is playing with Bright's RC car, but as you can probably tell, I'm trying to catch up on blog posts so this gets included here. They were just being so cute trying out new toys. 

It's been a fun and eventful month. 

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