Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

Lila woke up very early Christmas morning and even though we had gotten very little sleep (I'll explain exactly how little in my next post), we wanted to go with Micah's tradition of the first person up waking everyone else. We ended up deciding to let Brighton sleep some more, but since she was so excited we did go over Lila's Santa gifts with her and then brought her into our bed for a little bit. 

Once Brighton got up we began opening our gifts and going through each one with them. They were so cute opening up each one. Every time Brighton was given a gift he would say, "a present for me?" It was adorable! Lila would get excited about her gifts and all the gifts for Brighton, Micah, and me as well. She just loves seeing people happy. 

Looking at their stockings.

This is actually half of Brighton's gift from his cousin. Micah didn't realize we were supposed to wait until we got to my mum's to open it. Oops. 

One of three costumes that Lila got for Christmas. She also got an Anna costume and a Hello Kitty costume. She really wanted to wear this to grandma's, but we said no. 

Lila got a hold of my camera for a little bit and took pictures of Bright. She really loves him. :)

After we were done opening gifts, we just hung out for a little while before getting ready to head to my mother's house for family gifts and dinner. It had snowed A LOT the night before so we were nervous that we weren't going to be able to get out of our parking lot (we'd seen others who had to be towed out). It worked out though. The roads were scary, but we drove cautiously and made it there safely.

It's always fun opening gifts at my mum's house with everyone around.

The other half of Brighton's gift from Hallie. 

Lila modeling one of the new robes that grandma gave to the grandkids. 

My mum will be going to England in 2016 so Sarah and Angelica got her this luggage just to make sure she was prepared. 

One gift that my sister Laura's family got was the new pie face game, or whatever it's called. The kids thought it was hilarious and had a great time playing! Even Brighton wanted to get in on the action. :)

My sister's Christmas village. 

My kids are really into musical instruments right now. Brighton is especially obsessed with the trumpet.

We then enjoyed a very delicious meal and just hung out for a little bit. 

Hi Micah!

The kids wearing their crowns from the Christmas crackers. 

Not the most flattering picture, but our only family one for the day. 

Isn't it a beautiful trifle! Look at all that custard. Yum! 

Shortly after dinner we knew it was time to go. We wanted to head back home during daylight because of the roads. I think it was a good idea. 

Dinner was great! Time with my family was so fun! The laziness and small family time was relaxing and enjoyable. We actually put the kids to bed early and then headed to bed pretty early ourselves. 

It was a wonderful blessing of a day!

I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas!

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