Thursday, December 31, 2015

Our First Real Tree

Growing up I often had a real Christmas tree. It brings Christmas to a whole new level in my opinion. The smells, the look, the size… it's magical. Micah had never had one before so when he suggested we get one this year, I immediately jumped on the idea. 

Over the Thanksgiving break we went to a local tree farm to get one. (Funny side note, I actually taught two of the owner's daughters when they were in 2nd grade. I didn't know it was his farm, but I'm glad I do now. :)) The kids were overjoyed to go out and pick their own tree. It was hard to find the one, but once I saw it, I knew it was what we needed.

Just being in a tree lot makes the spirit of Christmas stronger. 

Aren't my children adorable? 

Once we got home we couldn't wait to get the decorations on. We put on the Frosty and Rudolph movies and started pulling everything out of storage.

The kids did a pretty good job with where they placed the ornaments and I never did go back and change them around. 

When we first putting on the star, Micah really wanted to just leave the crooked branch at the top and put the star there. I eventually convinced him to cut it off and put it on the stump. It fit nice and snug and looked beautiful!

We made sure that Lila and Brighton each put on their special ornaments.  


Mine and Micah's


As soon as we got it decorated, the kids wanted to turn the lights off to really see the tree.

Lila wanted to decorate our new little felt tree, too. 

After these pictures were taken, I actually ended up adding some more as this tree was much bigger than years past and so we needed more than we originally had. 

It smelled lovely, looked amazing, and really got us in the holiday mood early. 

I hope we can get a real one again next year! 

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