Monday, December 14, 2015

How Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Currently (for the past several months, actually) my kids are obsessed with jokes… especially "how did the ______ cross the ____" jokes. The problem is that my kids don't really understand how these jokes work. Every evening at our dinner table Lila asks if we can tell jokes.  It usually begins with Lila looking at something in the room and then saying, "How does the cup talk to the other cup?" "By putting a tree on top and then it bonked it's head!" Or other nonsense like that. It NEVER makes sense. It's really quite cute. 

Even though her jokes don't make any sense, they at least have some variety in them. Brighton's joke EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. is "How did the cow cross the seed?" "By putting it in treasure and then it bonked it's head!" He also laughs really hard every time. It's fun! I love their jokes, even though they're ridiculous! 

The other night at the ward Christmas party we were chatting, when suddenly Brighton turns to me and says, "How did the cow…" You get the idea. I was surprised it came out while we were not at home, but it was adorable. :)

Kids are so weird, but they sure are amazing! 

P.S. If you're wondering why we haven't tried teaching them others, we have, they just don't get them. Lila hates knock, knock jokes… If I try saying "why" instead of "how" in my jokes, they still answer "how". Our jokes also don't have to make any sense, they still laugh every time. 

Life IS good.

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