Sunday, July 26, 2015

I am 27, baby!

I love birthdays. I don't mind getting older… maybe I will eventually, but for now I enjoy it. ;) Anyway, this year was really nice. Micah made me breakfast, then sent me on a scavenger hunt to find my gifts. It was really fun. I'm awful by the way at figuring out clues, but I was able to find them all. 

After I had found two of my gifts, Micah took me on a drive to pick up another piece of my birthday celebration, the cake. He had me put a blindfold on as he drove us to a park where we enjoyed my very delicious birthday cake. Isn't it so pretty? I almost didn't want to eat it, almost. We didn't have a knife or anything so we all just dug in with plastic spoons. It was the best way to eat it if you ask me. 

When we got home I eventually found the third gift… my new camera. :) I was seriously spoiled this year. I also got running shoes and a great jacket for the fall. Micah had actually given me several gifts before my birthday had even arrived so I got a lot more than the three on my actual birthday. I am so lucky to have him as my guy. 

I love you babe! Thanks for making me feel special on my birthday and on pretty much every day. :)

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