Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A trip to Salt Lake

While some of the Aussies were here visiting Lila and I got to go up to Salt Lake and do some of the tourist type stuff. We didn't end up being able to go with Donna and her family, so I'm glad that it worked out this time. 

Lila just loved it. She loves seeing temples. She did a great job considering how much we walked around. She really loved to spend time with Carolyn and Sally. She wanted to walk with them more than me. :) I wish I would've gotten a picture of them all together. 

Throughout the tour of the conference center Lila kept asking for me to take pictures of her in front of things that she really liked. It was very cute. I love this little girl. After a while she started to ask me to just take pictures of the items. 

While we were on top of the conference center Lila found this mother Quail and her babies. She fell in love. It took a lot to get her away from them. This was probably her favorite thing we did/saw in Salt Lake. 

After the tour we ate lunch at the Lion House (so good), then walked around a few more buildings, after which we headed home. 

We had a great time!

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