Sunday, December 29, 2013

Getting Ready for Christmas

This year we were on top of our decorations for Christmas and put them out on the 1st. We decided to keep it simple and only put up our tree and some lights for Lila in her room. I would normally just skip over this stuff seeing as it has almost been a month, but Lila was so cute the whole night. She helped decorate the tree and initially I thought we'd fix it after, but we decided to leave it as is. Sorry about the blurry pictures, but my camera isn't that nice. 

 I love that we did. You can't really tell from the pictures how uneven the decorations were, with a lot being at the bottom and in one spot, but trust me, it was not decorated well. :) 

After we finished up the tree Micah put up lights in Lila's room. She just sat and stared at them, whispering to herself "so pretty". She would even come and grab us to come and lay down in her room and just look at the lights. We had to whisper though and hold hands. We'd stay in there for a little bit with her then leave and sure enough a few minutes later she would come back out and grab us again. It was really a magical time for her and even for me just watching her. I love the holidays more and more as my children are growing up. Brighton liked the lights, but of course didn't really know what was going on. He really just had a good time hanging out with mom. 

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