Saturday, December 21, 2013

7 Months

I have so many things to post about, but I think I'll start with this one. Brighton is now 7 months! Can you believe it? He is the most adorable 7 month old boy I have ever met.

I can't remember if I've already said this, but for the past few months I've really noticed how incredibly ticklish this little boy is. It's SO funny. Even when I'm changing his diaper sometime's he starts to laugh and squirm. He's also really, really close to crawling. He has been able to get up to the right position for a while, but now he can move forward on one of his knees. It's just that after that he doesn't know to move the next knee forward, so he'll just kind of hang out.

I won't be surprised if he's got it down within the month. I can only imagine how mobile he'll be then! He already seems to be able to get around all over the place.

He'll be trying baby food here soon. I'm excited to see how he does with it. He's very interested in the food that we eat so I'm sure he'll love it. He also slept through the night completely on his own on the 17th. When I woke up in the morning I was a little worried and had to go and check on him immediately. :) Of course he was just fine.

He really is the sweetest boy. Everyone just loves to hold him because he'll cuddle up to you, giggle with you, try and play with you and just be such an angel with you.

We love you Brighton!  

P.S. Aren't these ties sweet? My awesome sister-in-law Tracee made them. 

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