Thursday, March 31, 2011

Second Ultrasound

I just got back from my appointment and have to say that all was not good news. It's not anything REALLY worrisome, but being a first time mom I don't appreciate hearing anything bad. Anyway, the second ultrasound was scheduled because I was measuring big. It turns out that I have excess amniotic fluid. Now this can be a real worry, but it's considered excessive if you have between 20 and 25 (I don't know the measurment, haha) and I have just over 20. Dr. Cloward was really kind, but she had to tell me the risks as a responsible physician would. It was hard to listen to, but she told me the most common reason is that there is no real reason, at least with the small amount of excess fluid that I have. She made me feel better and told me that this could just be due to how the baby is positioned, but it was part of why I had been measuring big. Our baby is in the 60th percentile for her size and is about 4 days further along than we thought. They chose not to change my due date however as they felt the 19th is close enough and I might be coming early anyway. I will be having another ultrasound in 4 weeks to check up again and I am far enough long that my appointments have now changed to every 2 weeks. I pre-registered at the hospital in case I go into labor preterm, which is one of the possible side affects, and so now am ready to go whenever I happen to go.

I know this sounds like I'm just rambling, but in many ways I am. I'm trying to put down everything she said and random details are coming to me at different times. Oh yeah... I also am slightly anemic, but I wasn't surprised by this as I already was at times. I also need to start going in for non-stress tests at 32 weeks. The most positive thing she said was that I do not have gestational diabetes, which was GREAT to hear. Overall though, it sounds like the baby is healthy and I am healthy we just need to monitor me just in case.


  1. I'm glad you have a good doctor who is checking up on you!

  2. I know how easy it is to worry, but trust your doctor. I had to do NSTs twice a week starting at 36 weeks because A was measuring small and had a low heart rate, and why they ended up inducing me 11 days early. Everything turned out just fine though! You're coming into the home-stretch and you'll be snuggling and smooching that little nugget before you know it! Yay!