Sunday, March 20, 2011

Food Storage

Micah and I have a goal to get started on our food storage and we have in little amounts headed in that direction. My sister is great with coupons and can find amazing deals. Lately I've been getting better with coupons, but honestly not really big into it. I just get shy or intimidated by it and then I don't want to bother with it. Well on Friday my sister called me and told me about a coupon that was on for pasta. It was great. I printed off all the coupons that I was eligible for and we went to Smith's that night. I will admit that I felt kind of like one of the crazy coupon people, but it totally paid off. I got 30 bags/boxes of pasta for free and now they are sitting in my food storage. I know it sounds like overkill to get so many, but I couldn't pass up this opportunity and pasta doesn't go bad and I was able to get a huge variety of pasta. I also just remind myself that I don't need to eat all of this pasta now. Now my food storage consists of canned fruit, pasta, canned veggies, soup, and 90 packs of jello which I also got basically for free other than paying for the tax. (I know the jello sounds excessive also, but we were at Macey's and they announced big boxes of free jello so we went for it.)

I definitely want to keep working on our food storage, because to be honest it still is really pathetic, but I'm glad that we are at least making some attempts to get better. I loved canning this past year and plan to do it again this year to continue to add to our storage. I also think I really need to put more effort into finding coupons to help me along. Does anyone have suggestions of how to further build our storage?


  1. I know Laura got a lot of her coupons in the Sunday edition of the newspaper. BYU sells them on campus so you can still get them without having to go on Sunday. Just fyi.

  2. I'm working on our 3 month supply right now. It shouldn't be hard but it is for me! I'm always using stuff out of it and then I'm left with nothing.