Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hospital Bag

I know I have 11 weeks to go, but just in case I go early or anything happens I would like to start getting my hospital bag items together. The problem is I'm not exactly sure what should go in this bag that I take with me. Any suggestions? What were things you took that were necessary and some that you took that you didn't end up using.

Also, how many of you actually used a different kind of detergent for your baby's clothing?

Finally, any other items that you think I definitely need BEFORE the baby gets here because I'll be using them right from the beginning. All this information would be helpful. Thanks everyone for always helping me out!


  1. For the bag:
    -your own shampoo and conditioner
    -comfortable clothes (you won't be getting much smaller while in the hospital) that you can wear instead of the gown
    -nursing bra
    -toothpaste an brush
    -hair bands for your hair

    what to have from the beginning:
    -nursing pads (if you are nursing) I needed them from day 2 on and was very miserable until we were able to get me some
    -purchase a lot of thick pads to wear when you get home you will bleed for a couple weeks plus after you get home.
    -have an option for a pump, I didn't and ended up being in pain for the first month just because I couldn't relieve the pressure.
    -lots of wipes, diapers, and blankets. you baby will leak through the diapers and get it's fluids all over the blankets, so if you go somewhere take 2 extra sets of clothes and a couple extra blankets for the first few months.

    hope that helps...wish someone had given me these ideas before I gave birth, especially the nursing pads.

  2. My suggestion for you is to come back to Oz, let us take care of you, have your baby here stay for 12 weeks and get your $5000.00 yes that amount is right $5000.00 just for having a baby !!

    Yes I also agree with the comfy clothes instead of Pj's, a couple of maternity bras and lots of pads as suggested, we have maternity ones here but not sure what you guys have there, and only take comfy clothes for Lila and nothing to fancy just yet, things that are really easy to get on and off !! Doesn't the hospital give you a list of things to take ??? Anyway if you need any more info just send me a message and ask your sisters !!!

  3. PS you don't pay any medical costs here either, all covered by the government, another great reason to come home !!! Love ya and miss ya heaps, can you tell !!!!! :)

  4. I agree with the first comment so I won't repeat those things.
    My mom was here for the birth and took me shopping for some comfy/pretty pajamas to wear in the hospital. Might sound dumb, but you are taking so many pictures and you're in that bed. It's nice to have something soft and pretty to wear while you're recovering.
    Don't fill the bag with stuff for the baby. The hospital gives you everything! I think the only clothes we ended up using was the take home outfit we had brought.
    Start looking around for a pediatrition (sp?) I remember the hospital asking me who Charlie's doctor was and I hadn't figured that out. It wasn't a big deal but I wish I had at least thought about it before hand so I didn't feel stupid :)
    Bring cash so Micah can get stuff out of the vending machines. The hospital gives you meals but not the husband, at least ours did that. Also, a book or something simple to do (card game) because the baby isn't always with you and you might want something to do. If you have room in the bag that is!

  5. Oh and I didn't prewash the baby clothes in a special detergent...even though I told my mom and mother-in-law I had. Charlie turned out fine haha.

  6. 1. This sounds funny, but bring a small nail file. They tell you not to use nail clippers on the baby when they're that little but you can file their nails. I wish we had brought some because A scratched her face all up in the hospital.
    2. I just wore the hospital gown the whole time in the hospital, but wear what's most comfortable. I didn't need nursing pads until I got home. I really like either the Johnson's or Lansinoh brand.
    3. Movies. We watched several in the hospital. It was relaxing and something that was nice for both of us.
    4. Baby book. I found a really cute one at Deseret Book that covers from birth to baptism for like $20 and it was nice to fill in the info at the hospital while it was fresh in my mind.
    5. Along with the pads, you'll want to get "tucks pads" they're great to use so you don't stick to the pad while you're bleeding and sore. They give you some in the hospital but you'll need more when you get home. Generic are fine & cheaper. I got mine at Art City pharmacy.
    6. Also if you're planning to breastfeed get nipple cream. It REALLY helps when you're so sore at first while you're both learning. Lansinoh is a good brand to get again. (This was a tip Tracee gave me & I love her even more for it!)
    7. We actually had A in our room with us the whole time (except when they had to take her out for tests and stuff) & we loved it, but don't feel guilty to send Lila to the nursery if you need to.
    8. If Micah is going to stay over night w/ you, have him bring his own pillow & blanket. He'll be more comfortable.
    9. In your bag, pack an extra pair of G's for both of you. We just packed some for me & forgot a clean pair for Dar.
    10. We do use sensitive laundry soap because I had just used regular detergent on A's clothes initially and A got a rash from the first pair of PJs we put on her. Her skin gets irritated still when she falls asleep on us sometimes from her face being pressed against our clothes that have been washed in the regular stuff. You can buy the "All" brand...they sell a sensitive line in a white bottle. We now use it for all of our laundry. You can get it fairly cheap at Costco. Dreft works too but it's pretty expensive.
    11. Also, diapers are cheapest to buy at Costco in bulk but they don't sell newborn or size 1 because the babies usually don't wear them for very long.
    I'll email you if I think of anything else. Do you guys have a bassinet? You can borrow ours if you want cuz we'll be moving A into her crib in the next few weeks. Just let me know.

  7. I can get any of the pharmacy stuff you might need. Just let me know.

  8. I have never used a different kind of detergent for my daughters clothes. I figured if the detergent we used bothered her skin, then we would change it later on. But she has never had an issue and it seems like a pain to wash all those little things separately from my clothes.

  9. We had to use a dye-free/fragrance-free soap for Rachel's clothes because the normal kind would give her a rash. Sorting out her clothes was NOT a pain, or a big deal, since you sort the clothes anyway. She always had enough dirty clothes for her own load.

    Things to take:
    -PILLOWS. the AF Hospital pillows SUCK.
    -outfit to bring baby home in.
    -food for Micah. they will feed you, but not him.

    Things to have:
    -Lanolin (nipple ointment)
    -Colace (stool softener)
    -Ivory bar soap (gets out poop stains)