Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Micah's 5th (I think) Post

watched 127 hours... good flick. now generally speaking i can handle gory stuff... but the scene where he cuts his arm off... and specifically through the nerve... wow. i ACTUALLY felt queasy. but great flick.

i'm watching the miami/OKC game and dwayne wade just threw down perhaps the best in-game dunk i've ever seen. also, the OKC coach's name is scottie brooks. he was my childhood basketball hero. he was point guard for the rockets when i was young, and he was the only white guy that ever got minutes... so i idolized him. in elementary school when i'd play ball with all my black friends i was always referred to as scottie brooks. good times.

there was a reason i was posting... i wanted to share something... but i can't remember now.

oh yea... a quote i liked, that i found to be very accurate. "Just because you're religious doesn't mean you're a good person... it just means you go to church." it came from a source that i wouldn't generally quote, but it rang true. it was jon stewart in a discussion with bill o'reilly.

come on texans. draft raheem martin in the first. i want a defensive oriented draft... the only offensive drafting i'll support has to be the Oline. i want an angry run blocker... so in the second if they go oline (maybe center) i'm okay with that... but the third needs to be back to defense. especially with our change to the 34 defense. we gotta get personnel sorted out. anyway, the season's a long ways away.

also, i'm becoming a fan of survivor. i think i watched the first season years ago... then another one a few years back, but i've watched last year and now this year. so 2 in a row... i must be liking it.

battle:los angeles... i liked it. but nowadays i like any movies that have guns or military stuff. the whole time i saw their M16s and optics and was uber jealous that i don't have a cool battle rifle.

also watched the fox and the hound yesterday... made me and the wife want a dog more. we want one and we would own one by now, but it's prohibited by the landlords. but we really like where we live, so we'll do without the dog for now. (i guess we'll settle for our baby ;)

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