Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So at my last doctor's appointment they started measuring my fundal height. Being just over 25 weeks I should have been between 23 and 27 centimeters. I was 27 centimeters so my baby is on the big side, but not anything to worry about. They are going to do a second ultrasound though just in case to check on the baby. I'm wondering if this could be because they already changed my due date once and so they just want to check on her or if they think something could be wrong. I'm kind of stuck because I'm excited to see our baby again, but what if there is something wrong? I know none of you can actually tell me exactly what will happen, but do you think I need to be worried that she is measuring big or should I feel more assured that she is still within the parameters? Has anyone else had their baby measure this much bigger? I'm kind of thinking that my due date may still be slightly off as we don't have an accurate date of my last menstrual cycle.. so I'm hoping that's it and everything is fine. It's kind of lame, but I just would like to hear some of your opinions. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


  1. Hey Louisa. I would not be worring about it my dear, Cherish weighed in at 8 pound 9 and Ella at 9 pound 7 and I was always at the top end of the scale. Enjoy the fact that you get to see your little girl again and there is never an exact date for when this baby will arrive. Cherish was 2 days early and Ella 10 days. Keep on doing what you are doing and all will be well. Love you all. xxx

  2. It's okay that you're worried. You are pregnant. That's what you do.
    I measured big, too. And now you get to see your baby again!
    I would say don't worry, as long as she's still moving around, things should be okay.
    Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

  3. I actually was measuring smaller than I was supposed to and ended up getting a few ultrasounds towards the end of my pregnancy. It was a little worrying but mostly it was just fun to see Emily again before she was born. My amitotic fluid was low and they put me on a high fat diet, yea for ice cream :) but everything was fine, I wouldn't be too worried. They may change your due date again, but then you would just be a week or two closer to your due date.

  4. I would recommend trying to not worry :) It can just make things worse. We found out at 36 weeks that Rori was measuring small (part of the reason they induced me early--the thought she;d grow better outside than in by the end, and she has!) but she's been completely perfect in every way. And having a big baby isn't a bad thing, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that they're just going to move your due date up! That would be fabulous!!

    You're going to invite me to your shower, right?

  5. How exciting would it be if your due date was moved up even further? You'd be the luckiest pregnant woman alive! I'm sure everything is fine as long as the baby is kicking and moving :)

  6. I have to admit that I wouldn't mind my due date getting moved a little bit closer, but if it doesn't that's fine. I know she'll come when she's ready. Thanks everyone for the comfort.