Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Random Photos from May

Pictures from another stroll through Ashton Gardens.

Feeding the fish.

A cute, little something that Lila left for me one day after preschool. She was very proud of it. She would come and hang out in my classroom, when she was done with preschool, until we went home. 

 Just a picture of a beautiful double rainbow that I saw one day. Unfortunately, you can't see the other rainbow, but the one you can see was VERY bright in real life!

Lila's Frozen face painting that she got done at my school during the fun run.

Lila got some Mickey Mouse balloons from a secretary at my school. I am not very good at blowing them up, though, and I could not get the ears to inflate correctly. Lila didn't mind. She just turned it into a bear instead. :) 

Some of Micah's family was visiting Utah, so we got together at Paul's house to hang out with them. Two of the brothers, Micah and David, decided to see just how many push ups they could do. It was really fun/funny to watch.  

Brighton wanted to get in on the working out action. I love this video, because he did it all himself.

These are some pictures from Memorial Day at my mum's house. Brighton's pretty good about smiling for pictures now, but he doesn't always smile in the direction that we're taking the picture. He's just set on smiling. I really took a bunch of these pictures and in each and every one Brighton's face looks like the one below. Oh, he's hilarious and adorable!

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