Friday, May 20, 2016

Spring Soccer

Lila's second season of soccer was just as fun as her first!  I'll just put all of her pictures of games in one post. I'm glad she's enjoying it so much!

This season Lila's team was almost all kids from our ward. Her coach was even from our ward. It made it extra fun that Lila already knew all of the kids. 

She scored more goals this season, but yet again, I was not their to witness them. I don't know how I always manage to miss the games that she scores, but it's just how it is. I'm either at the playground with Brighton or just not at the game at all.  Hopefully next season!

Like I said, Brighton would usually play on the playground during games. It kept him entertained. 

We also had some pictures of her getting her medal and her whole team from the last game, but they got destroyed when Micah jumped into the pool with his phone in his pocket. Sad day. :( That is something I will post about in the future as it has not happened yet... good thing I can post date blog posts. :) Oh, well.

We love soccer season!

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