Saturday, June 4, 2016

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

This year for my kids' combined birthday party we had a Dr. Seuss themed party. I think it turned out rather cute. We had some treats and played a couple of games, then headed to the pool for a swim. 

The kids of the hour! They were happy to be there, I promise. ;) Brighton actually got scared of everyone singing to him. I'm not sure why. After they sang, he said, "everyone was being loud at me." Ha!

The background for our "photo booth".

The kids were coloring their hats for our 'pin the hat on the cat' game. 

Lila was first to go in our game. She did pretty well. 

Cousin P was the winner!

Jess tried a hand at playing, too.

She wasn't quite as successful as the kids. ;)

The fish for our fishing game. Cousin Damion won this game... oh, and auntie Laura. ;)

The food table with Drs. Seuss themed foods, of course. Aren't those truffula trees cool? A first grade teacher at my school made them.

Some of the family that was there. 

Some of the decor.  I actually had a bunch of Dr. Seuss characters around the room.

The birthday book station.

 Present time! Thanks, everyone for the awesome gifts and/or donations to soccer and the zoo! 

Frozen!! She still LOVES Frozen!

Candy and money for the zoo/soccer.

Now Brighton has his very own soccer ball!


Aren't those candy bouquets amazing? The kids were sure excited to get them. 

Super Brighton.

A little dress-up from the prize box.

I love birthday parties!

Thanks for coming!

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