Friday, May 20, 2016

Brighton is Three!

Our little man is three! How have three years already passed?! I can't believe it! 

Well, I won't have his stats until July when he has his check up with his sister, and his party isn't until June, but I can show you some pictures from his actual big day. 

We started off the morning with some homemade muffins. They were delicious. Can you tell that he liked them and was so happy that it was his birthday?

It was too hard picking only picture of this cute little guy, so I didn't!

Then, I went to work for half of the day, because Lila's preschool graduation was the same day... I'll blog about that next. 

Anyway, we then got to spend the rest of the afternoon together. We really just hung out as a family and then went and picked up special cupcakes for Bright's birthday. They were delicious!

After eating, Brighton got to open his gifts and then we sang happy birthday while he drooled over his beautiful cupcake. 

Brighton is a joy in our lives. He is entertaining, caring, stubborn, smart, clever, creative, clingy, loving, and just overall amazing.

He's very much a boy. We've never really pushed toys or ways of thinking on our kids, but Lila has turned out to be pretty girly girl and Brighton is pretty much a manly, man, although they are good at playing with each other with any toys. I have to admit, that I love it. :)

He loves action figures, animals, HIS SISTER!, eating, eating pizza, being tickled, playing hide-and-seek, Little Einsteins, bubbles, jumping, counting, singing the ABC song, being goofy, rough housing, and on and on and on. There is so much to say about Brighton. We love his little personality and how much fun he brings to our lives. 

His next step in life is to be potty trained! 

Happy Birthday, little guy! We love you SOOOO much! 

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