Saturday, May 21, 2016

Lila Graduates Preschool

Like I said before, Lila had her preschool graduation on the 20th. Oh boy! Was it the cutest thing I have ever seen? Yes! Yes, it was! I'm such a sentimental person, that this type of stuff is just up my alley. 

Lila was in a preschool at my school that works with kids with special needs. She was a peer student, because this specific preschool is for kids that need help with their verbal skills, and since Lila is just like her momma and can talk your ear off, she was a perfect candidate. I'm so glad that she got to be a part of that program!

The graduation started with the kids walking out in a line all holding hands. Lila was being very shy at this point.

After the teacher introduced them, they all began to sing some of the songs about things they had learned in preschool. They were the most adorable songs ever!

Sorry, about how shaky my video is. Sometimes my hands get really shaky, so Micah recorded it on his phone, too, but that was lost with his phone in the pool. That's also why there's only a small portion of their performance recorded.

After their little performances, their amazing preschool teacher, Miss Mallory, handed out little diplomas to the kids. The kids with the graduation hats were the ones moving on to Kindergarten, the ones with the owl hats were going to do preschool another year as they were only three. 

Then, the kids got to make ice cream sundaes and watch a slideshow of everything they had done throughout the year. It was enough to make a person cry! 

Miss Natasha.

Miss Mallory... her amazing teacher!

Miss Ashley.

Her teacher and aides were seriously amazing. I love them! I wish they were going to be around for Brighton, but I'm sure I will love whatever teacher he ends up getting. 

Great work, Lila!

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