Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We have so much to be grateful for! We spent Christmas morning together as just our family. We got up when Brighton woke up since he's usually the first one awake. He seemed to sleep in a little, but he still woke up in the sixes so I felt that it was early enough. Santa had come and put some fun gifts in their Santa sacks that the kids got to look at right away. He also filled their stockings with a few treats and small toys. 

Looks like Santa enjoyed his cookies.

Then, we moved onto gifts under the tree. 

The kids got some really fun stuff! 
Lila really loved getting her Doc McStuffins outfit (from Grandma and Grandpa Pratt) and her doctor's bag with instruments from mom and dad. 

Brighton loves his blocks (also from Grandma and Grandpa Pratt) and all of the fun books that he got. 

They're both getting much better about opening gifts on their own. 

He really liked his new crayons and wanted those right away, but he's still working on drawing well with them. He really likes to break crayons, so he got some from Santa that have a plastic casing on them so that he can't break them. :) The kids also got some new reading books, shape blocks, coloring books, and clothes this Christmas. 

I felt especially spoiled this year from Micah and my kids. I got several things for the kitchen that I have been wanting for quite some time. I'm especially excited about my cast iron skillet from Micah, and my cake and cupcake caddies! No more trying to figure out how to transport my goodies. :) I got a book of a collection of works by C.S. Lewis that I just can't wait to read! I also got several other things that I'm really so grateful for. Thanks my dear loved ones!

I was so proud of Lila for writing her name on a gift to me. :)

Micah got some new shirts, a knife, a few books, a drill, and several other great things. I'm getting much better and less stressed out when it comes to buying gifts for Micah. 

After we had our own Christmas morning we headed to Grandma McSweeney's house for more gifts, lunch, and to spend time with our extended family. 

I included these pictures because I've been working on different braids in Lila's hair and I finally did this one well enough to leave it in. :) I'm slowly getting better and her hair is finally getting long enough again (I don't think I'm going to cut her hair that short again)… oh and yes, Lila is eating something.

Lila got a really beautiful blue coat from Grandma and Grandpa McSweeney. I didn't take any pictures there because there were so many of us that I didn't even think about it due to the fun chaos. She also got some really cute puzzles that she can color on from Sarah and Angelica, and a frozen "spot it" game and Sleeping Beauty from her baby cousin Addie. I can't wait to play that game with her! 

Brighton got a nice warm outfit from his McSweeney grandparents, a really nice sweater from Sarah and Angelica, and Toy Story (Yay! I love it!) and fruit snacks from his cute cousin Sydney. Boy are my kids so loved and spoiled!

Micah got a very nice Texans wallet from Emma. He really loves it. I got a nice wall hanging from Bec. I can't wait to put it up! Then together we got a nice new large nonstick pot from my mum and dad which we really needed and are so grateful to have gotten! Thanks everyone for the wonderful gifts.

After gifts we played some Christmas games together. My sister Emma put together a fun jeopardy style game for my family. My team lost the first round to Micah's, but we pretty much dominated the second one. (I'll admit the second round was easier. :) ) It was a lot of fun though. We also got to talk with my dad for a little while which was great to be able to catch up with him and see him. We miss him a lot but are glad that we have such great technology to help us keep in touch. 

Finally, we had our delicious lunch and yummy trifle for dessert and then headed home.

At home we just relaxed, put away gifts, and spent some time together as just our family again. It was a wonderful holiday season. I'm sad it's gone, but so grateful that I have my family around to feel loved all year long. 

The most wonderful time of the year!

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  1. Merry Christmas! I was thinking the same thing this year for tony- his presents aren't as hard for me to do anymore! I guess that comes once you've been married a little longer haha.
    Glad you had such a great Christmas! Let's get together in 2015 :)