Monday, December 29, 2014

Thanksgiving and the Break

I'm so behind in posting about all of our wonderful happenings over the past month or so. Today I am going to catch up! :) 

Thanksgiving this year was a whole lot of fun. We again went to my mum's house to partake in delicious turkey, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. I really should've taken a picture of my plate with all of the food. It was so good! If you look closely at the plates though you can see these cute favor bags that my sister Laura made. She put runts and bugles in them to look like cornucopias. They were really adorable. I'm such a sucker for those type of things. 

Laura and my little man:

My beautiful little girl ready to get some food. 

Being goofy as usual

This year I decided to be in charge of the rolls this year instead of a dessert (which is what I normally love to do). I saw this idea on pinterest where a girl created gratitude rolls. I asked everybody in my family to email or text me things they were grateful for, then I printed them up and wrapped them in foil then stuffed them into the rolls.

Don't they just look delicious?

It was a lot of fun reading what people were grateful for, especially for me because I got to see all of them.  The only problem was the roll recipe I used was a new one, (a delicious one) and so I didn't know how many it was going to make and it made way more rolls than slips of paper that I had. It was really funny to watch people open up their rolls only to find it empty. It became the grandkids goal to find all of the papers. It still ended up being great though because we would share what the paper said so everyone got to hear it. 

I thought it was a really fun thing to do and I hope people are willing to do it again next year. I think I may even leave the names of the papers and we can guess who said what. I'll also make sure to ask for twice as many thankful thoughts. :) 

Brighton giving me a sweet smile. Isn't he the cutest?
This was his first Thanksgiving that he could really eat what we ate. 

I also made all of the grandkids these turkey crayon holder things. They were really simple and turned out cute. Thanks Ems for the idea!

We also took a picture of all of the cousins together in their shirts that we made. Lila had to have her hair redone for the picture. It was a beautiful mess from playing. So if you noticed that her hair is different, that's why. Thanks Tracee for doing it so much faster than I would've. It was quite the challenge to get all of the kids to somewhat look at the camera. Brighton kept trying to take off and poor Mia was so sick. They sure do look cute in their shirts though!

I love Thanksgiving. It's such a great time to have together as a family!

During the break Lila also went mini-golfing with her cousins. We got there a little bit early so all of the kids played games together. It was really funny to watch Lila try and keep up with older kids. They're always so sweet and helpful. They try and help her to feel included and successful. I'm so grateful that Lila has such wonderful cousins. 

Anyway, it was Lila's first time and she was pretty good. She did get bored by the end and only wanted to look at the glow-in-the-dark sea creatures on the walls. We had a couple of meltdowns but overall she loved being with her cousins. She even did one of the holes in 3 strokes all by herself! I was proud. :) After, they played at the arcade where Lila won 15 tickets by herself. She bought an eraser and a ring with it. Surprisingly, Lila still has her ring. She broke her eraser that day.  

Lila's cousin P is just a little bit older than her. It was really fun to watch them together.

Getting ready to hit the ball.

Lila doing her best!

Waiting for her turn.

A few of the sea creatures that Lila just LOVED!

This year my Thanksgiving break was calm and relaxing. I really enjoyed spending time with my extended family, but also having time with just my little family. The holidays are the best. :) 

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  1. I love the gratitude rolls! I may have to try those next year!
    Glad you guys had such a great thanksgiving!