Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year

I know New Year's resolutions are stupid to a lot of people, but I love them. I think it is a great time to think about how I can make myself a better wife, mom, daughter, neighbor, sister, saint, person, etc. What I usually like to do is come up with overall ideas and then break down the goals into smaller ones for each month.

Some of my goals this year are:

Be healthier
Do more service
Improve on being a homemaker
Strengthen home and family

For the month of January and the goal to be healthier, I have chosen to drink more water. The only way I'll do this is if I don't drink anything else. I have a hard time doing this because at work I'm talking and working with the students all day, but I'm determined and so will be carrying a water bottle around with me. Other teachers do this and I need to do this because I know I am dehydrated.

I am unsure about what service project I want to do so suggestions are welcome, but there are always great ideas at work so I know I'll come up with one for January.

Being a good homemaker is important to me even though I am not a stay at home mom right now. Because of this I want to work on vacuuming every room. I know this is simple enough, but there are rooms, mainly just one, that I am not good at keeping up with. Lila's room just doesn't come to mind when I think about vacuuming as we don't eat in there, she doesn't play on the floor in there, we don't go in there much other than to take her to bed, but I still want to make sure my whole home is clean.

Finally, to strengthen my home and family I am focusing on FHE and have a great resource to help me be organized and not feel overwhelmed. I found it on pinterest (of course, haha) and am so excited to start it up! This is the blog that I am following:

I didn't link the website, but I can if you'd like me to.

So here's to a new year and a better me!

On an unrelated note Lila now says "mama" and is incredibly close to crawling. She now moves both knees once she's in position and she can move her arms, she just needs to get them in sync. She's really mobile in other ways though so she is a little less motivated. :)


  1. Great goals! I have been planning mine out but am not quite finished yet. It was fun to read yours. I hope you'll keep us posted on how you're doing with them!

  2. Great goals and good luck with them. Mine to is to drink more water !!! Lets help each other along in that one !!! I also have joined the wonderful world of Pinterest thanks to Tracee !!! I miss you guys heaps, lots of love xxxx

  3. One thing I've done to help me be a better homemaker is to follow the advice of FlyLady on Amazing stuff! Good luck!