Tuesday, January 31, 2012


You know that pig on the zip-line in the GEICO commercial that annoyingly goes "Wheeeeee!" over and over? That is Lila's favorite commercial. She can be eating and she'll turn her head to watch the entire thing. She can be playing on the floor and she'll turn to the t.v. to watch it. She can be crawling behind the couch and she'll come around it just to watch that commercial. So even though I think it's annoying, it's hilarious to watch Lila freak out over the commercial.

I know she's almost 8 months and so I'll be posting about her again soon, but I can't help but list some things that she loves. She now loves to crawl and is WAY more mobile than I imagined her being. I didn't think there would be much of a difference between her inchworm and crawling, but there is... a BIG difference. For the past week she's been pulling herself up to a standing position entirely on her own. She loves the diaper box because it has a picture of a baby on it. She says "mama" when she gets hungry and cries when we leave the room. She loves to get up on her knees and look around at things and she loves to give hugs to her mommy and daddy.

I guess I should leave some things for her 8 month post, although I'm sure I'll be repeating some of these as well.


  1. That is P's favorite commercial too. How annoying, but funny at the same time!!!

  2. LOL. I think Rori's only seen that commercial once, but she's a big TV watcher anyway. Her favorite show is FHV. We're big FHV junkies at our house :)