Sunday, January 22, 2012


Lila is getting more and more fun and is getting really good at responding to us on purpose. She has been crying for the past little while when one of us leaves the room, and although it's sad to hear her cry, it's good to see her notice things more. I now am certain that Lila is ticklish and she has the funniest little belly laugh when we really get her going. She also likes to blow raspberries on my stomach, as we discovered last night. She was rolling/crawling around on our bed when she face planted on my stomach. She blew a raspberry and it made me laugh so hard that she did it over and over, looking up each time to watch me laugh at her. The last raspberry she blew was the funniest because it was so loud! She's getting really close to being able to pull herself up to her feet. If we hold one hand on the couch she call pull the rest of her body up to stand next to the couch. She's getting so strong and seems to STILL be doing everything out of order for other babies at her age/stage. It makes it hard to predict what she'll do next, but gives us something to look forward to. Everyday she gets to be more and more fun with her babbling, screaming, giggling, rolling, scooting, eating, sleeping, bouncing, and dancing.

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