Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lila's Room Take 2

Like I said in my previous post, Micah gave me some money to finish decorating Lila's room. I think it turned out well and I will say that I think it looks even better than the pictures show.

So, I was going to try and comment under a few of these, but that seems like too much work so I'll just say things now.
Look closely at the pictures of Micah and I when we were young... the third picture. Isn't Micah so cute?! Hehe. I love his blue suit.

On the picture that has the words "GOD, FAMILY, HARD WORK" these were Micah's idea. I don't say this because I don't like it, but because I wanted to put a quote there and wanted Micah's input. He didn't really like any of the ones I had in mind so I asked for what he wanted and these are the words he chose. This is what he hopes to teach our children... the priorities of life and in the order they should be. I thought that was cool and like that Micah had a contribution for Lila's room.

The only thing missing is the picture-book bookshelf I ordered and will be getting next week. Yay!
I did most (pretty much all) of this work. I also did it all yesterday and am happy with the end result. Thanks Mum and Dad for your help!


  1. It looks beautiful! I love the wall with the "families can be together forever"