Monday, February 28, 2011


One advantage of being the youngest in a large family and not having the first grandchild is that you get a lot of hand me down clothing for babies. I already have 4 nieces on my side of the family and the oldest is only 5 so the clothes aren't outdated. This all adds up to me getting a lot of baby clothing for free. As I was searching through the many boxes of clothes I would hold one up and say "look how cute" or "I can't wait to put Lila in these outfits" and my dad would just laugh or Micah would say "you just can't wait to dress up our baby, huh?" He's absolutely right! Not that I see my baby as a doll, but baby clothes are seriously sooooo adorable, and even though I have a ton of clothes, I know I'm going to get some more because I can't help but giving in a little. There's so much cute stuff out there. I really, really can't wait until I say our adorable baby girl... all in good time, I know.

On an unrelated note, my school did a thing called "flabuless February" where we had to have certain goals that would improve our health. Every time we met one of the eight goals we got to fill out a ticket and put it into a drawing. Well this morning they drew out names and I won two prizes! I won a bag of dried fruit, and a $25 gift card to Costa Vida. I know not super healthy, but I'm still excited that I won anything. They seriously had some awesome prizes. Our PTA rocks!

Finally, I have to tell you this cute little story about my 2nd grade class. My kids absolutely love that I'm having a baby, and the girls are especially excited. Well, the other day a little girl in my class came up to me and asked if I could leave everyone in the classroom during afternoon recess and just wait out in the hall. I was nervous to do this, but she really wanted to do a surprise for me so I agreed. Anyway, after the bell rang I walked back into the classroom as I needed to go back to teaching, and my students had the lights off and made me close my eyes. They then placed something in my hands for me to hold. Then they counted to three and had me open my eyes and they yelled "surprise" and threw confetti in the air. They had placed a baby doll in my arms and written sweet notes on the whiteboard about how great of a mom I'm going to be because they love me as a teacher, etc. Finally, they also had made a giant card out of a poster board and each and every student wrote me a little note and signed their name to it. It was really random, but so adorable! They've known about the baby since December now but they still love to do little things for me every now and then. How lucky am I to have such adorable kids to teach? I really do love my job!


  1. That is so cute! With confetti! haha, little kids are the best.

  2. Good grief you are lucky. I had Mia and Hallie, which had SUCH cute hand-me-downs, but you've got it made!!! :) For you baby shower you should have people donate money for crib, stroller, ect. No worries you will still get cute clothes, because everyone is like you. We all love baby clothes!!! You really do have such cute kids. Who would think that 2nd graders would be like that!

  3. Your class is so cute, I want to be there to !! I had a a tear in my eye as I read that, I would have been a blubbering mess had I walked into that. You have got to be an awesome teacher to gain such great respect. Love you heaps, miss you lots.