Friday, February 11, 2011

I felt her!

I have been feeling her move around a lot for a while now, but I finally felt her kick or punch from the outside. My hand was just resting on my belly when I suddenly felt a very distinct bump. It actually made my hand move, but I think it was more from me being surprised than it being that hard. I only wish that Micah could have felt it, but I believe that time will come soon. I'm not surprised that I was able to feel her this week though, since I saw exactly how squirmy she is during the ultrasound. She seriously would not keep still and kept moving her arms and legs around sometimes in the way of us trying to see things. In the end we got all the pictures we needed though and more. In fact I was sent home with 23 pictures and a DVD of our beautiful baby girl moving around with her heartbeat also recorded on it. I'm really loving this time in the pregnancy, and can't wait until we really start getting things for her. One of my cute little students brought me some baby girl pajamas the day after I told my students that we were having a girl. I've already hung it up in her closet and can't wait to add more to it!

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  1. Hey Louisa, enjoy this wonderful time while you can. As for Micah feeling the baby, good luck with that one. Both girls would stop moving the second Sandy put his hands on my belly !!