Friday, February 11, 2011

Micah's 3rd post

So yup, we're having a girl. No complaints here... although that could change when puberty hits. I genuinely look forward to fatherhood and holding my newborn baby. We've been married for almost 3 years and parenthood is next. Lots of sleepless nights, poopish diapers, and less money for frivolity (not that there's much now).
But in other news I am excited as I've received a research position at BYU working with Dr. South in his research of autism in children. I'm excited to be a part of real science happening. This is the sort of stuff I hope to do as a career. I've also been promised a capstone position, assuming I don't screw anything up in some sort of crazy manner, for this summer... which means that I get some school credit for my work this summer to help me graduate. Anyway, this was a big day for me.

Also, I'm playing Axis and Allies on the 19th and need a win badly... Newt and Jordy can suck it. I've lost 2 in a row. Once as Japan and once as America. This time I'm Germany.

So did I mention that I got rid of all my video games? Louisa was a good wife and told me not to, as she's knows I enjoy them, but I did anyway. Just like we got rid of Facebook and other stuff like that... it's just so much time wasting stuff that we don't have the time to waste on. Heck I hardly watched any football this last season. And we're about to downgrade our cable package so that TV becomes less relevant as well. I'll miss Top Gear. Ya know, if I was gay, it'd be for a guy like Jeremy Clarkson... 6'5", 50, gray hair, chubby, wealthy, funny, intelligent, and drives around in 100000 pound cars all the time. Yea, I'm a gold digger. He likes guns too. And on that queer note... adios.


  1. Congrats Micah on your research position, I know you will do great things and believe me you will soon have no time for video games or TV so enjoy while you can !!! I don't know what Axis & Allies is but good luck anyway !! Miss you all

  2. Yes, congrats on your new position (and baby on the way of course). My cousin's son is autistic and my little brother has asperger's so I have a personal connection to it. I'm sure you'll learn a lot and love what you do!

  3. Oh, that was Megan not Tony. Whoops :)