Sunday, October 2, 2016

Ladies' Night!

Almost every conference, the girls in my family (sometimes just a few, sometimes all) get together at Deseret Book for something called ladies' night. It's an evening to celebrate sisterhood while the priesthood session is going on during general conference. There's always a free gift for the first 100 sisters, (yes, we almost always get it) then throughout the night they draw out names for prizes. 

Even though I go twice a year (it also happens in April for that conference), I pretty much never win. Not even the little prizes... in fact, Lila has won more often than I have. I still love going, but don't expect to win. Luckily, I have the door prize to make up for it. I have a couple of people in my family who seem to ALWAYS win. *cough, Laura, Sarah, and mum, cough* This year, as it was getting closer to the end and the grand prize, I just really wanted to win something. Emma was talking to mum and me about it, and said that we have to be living right in order to win. I jokingly said that I felt like I was living right, and literally right after I said that, they drew the final name for the grand prize and it was me!!! I couldn't believe it! I had actually won! Not only had I won, but the grand prize? No way! 

When Emma texted the rest of my family, they said they didn't believe it, because I never win. :) Ha! It was honestly awesome. I do believe my good luck has been used up for another ten years, though.

I LOVE the prize that I got. It's a painting of the Savior by Liz Lemon Swindle. She even signed the painting. I got to meet her and got a picture with her, but it's lost. Here is one picture from the evening. Can you tell I'm happy? ;)

It's possible that my mum didn't win this year, because I did. Thanks for the sacrifice mum! I really appreciate it. ;)

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