Friday, September 30, 2016

Random September Photos

So, I got really, really behind in my blogging and I ended up paying for it. I've been post dating all of my blog posts, so that they don't all have the same post date, however, I lost a bunch of photos and can't write about everything now, because I waited so long. In December, my phone broke (will break? ;) ) and I lost three months of photos... September, October, and November! I was heart broken. I seriously cried, but I've since learned that it's okay, because nothing can change it, and the reality is that I still have the memories, even if I can't fully share them with you.

It's now really important to me to share whatever photos I do have of my beautiful kids. 

Micah is always so good about taking the kids out while I'm at work. This time they went to the Museum of Ancient Life, because the seriously LOVE that place! They ask to go there all the time. Anyway, here are some adorable pics of my kids.

After they played on our playground outside.

Sometime this past month, they helped repaint our bench. What wonderful helpers we have!

Lila likes to watch this dinosaur video game that Micah plays... I told you she likes dinosaurs. Anyway, Micah was giving her a chance to play. Cute, huh?

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