Friday, October 14, 2016

Family Pictures

Last year for Christmas my sister-in-law Tracee gave me a gift certificate to get family photos done. I was so happy when I saw that was my gift, because I've been wanting to get family pictures done for forever! Micah doesn't love doing them, but because it was a gift he did it this time. It took me awhile to get around to actually getting them done, but I love the fall and wanted to wait for that time of year. The leaves were perfect, so off we went!

The photographer was actually a good family friend of ours, Juli. I would definitely recommend her! She took us up Little Cottonwood Canyon to temple quarry. It was a beautiful setting! We had some trouble finding exactly where she was talking about and drove around for about half an hour before we finally found her. The kids did amazingly well considering the extra driving.

The delay in getting there made it so the sun was lower in the sky and it was a bit colder than it should've been. Oh, well. The pictures turned out beautiful and I could not be happier. Here are some for your viewing pleasure. 

The first two are my favorite!

I love my cute kiddos!

My beautiful, beautiful little girl!

Aren't they so cute?

Brighton was cold and hungry, but trying really, really hard to smile. What a sweetheart!

Thanks, Juli! They turned out amazing. Maybe I can convince Micah again for next year! ;)

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