Monday, June 27, 2016

Micah is 30!

Old man, old man, Micah is an old man! The love of my life turned 30 today. Life is just rushing by.  

We celebrated exactly as he would like, on our own, with no big party. We dropped the kids off at my mum's house, then Micah and I went on a date to Shoots. He LOVES Chinese food, and since he couldn't have his all time favorite, Happy Lamp, this would have to suffice. It was a delicious meal and a fun time for just the two of us.

After the date, we picked up the kids and headed home to enjoy some cake. This year I made a Tres Leches cake. He has been in love with that kind ever since my sister's wedding where her cake was Tres Leches. I was happy with how it turned out for my first time every making one.

Singing happy birthday to the ol' man.

Happy birthday, love! Here's to 70 more!

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