Saturday, December 10, 2011

6 months and other fun things

I haven't posted any of this previously because I was trying to find my camera battery charger to upload pictures, but I can't find it and so have decided to post anyway. Because of this though the post is going to be pretty long. This post is going to be a smorgasbord of things that have happened with our little family lately... mostly revolving around Lila.

Lila's first Thanksgiving was spent in Nebraska with the Pratt's side of the family. It was such a blast and Lila loved her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins and they loved her. She was seriously spoiled, but who doesn't want to spoil this chubby cheeked angel? Anyway, she also progressed in her development a lot over the week that we were there and is now an excellent sitter! She no longer needs her hands for support, she gets up on her knees when she is on her belly, and she scoots herself around on the floor by pushing off with her legs. Her little personality is really coming out!

Lila also got to sit on Santa's lap for the first time at our ward Christmas party and was so good about it. It's a good thing she's still a little too young for stranger anxiety to kick in. :) She looked so adorable and so tiny on his lap. She also received a beautiful little blanket with "Lila's first Christmas 2011" embroidered on it. Thanks Lorraine!

Finally, our little bean turned 6 months. Half a year gone already! I can't believe it. She is doing well with all the milestones that she is supposed to be meeting, but we need to now make sure she sleeps through the night entirely on her own. This is a goal of ours for the Christmas break so I will let you know how she does... and how I do. The papers with her measurements got thrown away so I can't remember them exactly and will have to wait until 9 months to have them again, but I can remember that she is just above 17lbs. keeping her in the 76 percentile. She stayed in the same percentages except for her height. Our little shorty isn't as much of a shorty anymore... she has moved from the 33rd percentile to the 52nd. (I think around there.) I also really think she's teething as of today. She won't stop tugging at her ear, is pretty clingy, and starts crying for no real reason.

I love everything about this little girl, but I'll just share a few reasons with you...
her smile
her dimples
her blue eyes
how her eyelashes curl and up and over her eyebrows... seriously the longest lashes I've EVER seen on a baby.
her giggle
her bashfulness
when she grabs your face when she gets excited

Things that Lila loves...
her mommy
her daddy
Matilda, her stuffed wombat
empty plastic bottles
throwing toys
copying daddy's noises
rolling and scooting around on the floor

I'm so excited for Lila's first Christmas! It's such a wonderful time of year. I hope you're enjoying the spirit of the season.


  1. If she's tugging on her ear she might have an ear infection. Rachel's never had one, so I'm no expert. Just an idea.

  2. I've thought of that, too, but I know they can get them when they're teething and she does drool a lot. Thanks for the idea though.

  3. Nebraska for Thanksgiving? What a fun trip! I bet she was the star of the holiday.
    Sorry about the teething. It's so hard when they can't communicate what's wrong! It's just a guessing game!