Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

This year was so much fun! Not only was I looking forward to Lila's first Christmas, but I was just ready for some good quality time with my family. It's been heaven being home with Micah and Lila. Everyday I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be with these two for eternity. It's been fun seeing Lila get bigger and stronger and she seemed to really enjoy the Christmas things we did with her. Micah got into the holiday spirit more this season also.

First, I went caroling with my family which is something we do every year. It's so much fun and really gets me into the Christmas spirit.

Lila loved the decorations in our home, especially the lights. She was so interested in the music from my music box and snow globe.

She liked listening to the Polar Express and loved to look at the picture books I read to her, but as for Christmas day she was asleep for all the present opening. She did however have some adorable pjs. Thanks Keri!

We made ornaments of Lila's hand and footprint out of salt dough.

On Christmas Eve morning we had Christmas tree waffles because we were at my parent's house on Christmas day.

I also got a new dress, shoes, and earrings from my wonderful mother-in-law.

Christmas Eve was a lot of fun listening to the Christmas story in the scriptures, singing carols with my family, and eating delicious cheese and broccoli soup. I also loved that Christmas day was on Sunday. I was initially disappointed that we wouldn't be opening gifts in the morning as we have done every other year, but to have the added spirit from church just made the day even better.

Thanks to the rest of the family for the great gifts! I'm so excited to use them, play with them, display them (mum), and enjoy them! Micah is great at giving gifts and gave me a bunch of fun stuff, but one of my favorite gifts he gave me was money to finish decorating Lila's room so pics soon to come as I am doing that tomorrow.

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  1. So many great pictures. I love your outfit from your mother in law. Beautiful and you look gorgeous! Those salt dough ornaments are so darling! I wish I would have done these for my boys!!!!! Merry Christmas :)