Thursday, April 14, 2011


This picture is actually closer to me being between 29-30 weeks. I know I'm getting behind, but I look pretty similar still. :)

I had another doctor's appointment today. I'm only updating everyone on this as this one went much better than the last. I am now measuring only very slightly bigger than what I am at. I am currently at 30w4d and I was measuring 31 cm so much closer to where I'm supposed to be. (And according to my last ultrasound Lila was 4 days further than my due date, so maybe I'm pretty right on ;)). This made the appointment less stressful and my doctor happy to be delivering good news. I still have another ultrasound set in 2 weeks just in case and I will start nonstress tests soon, but I felt much better leaving the appointment. I also have to start taking an iron supplement as I was still low, but I figure it's just another pill to take along with my many others. Another good thing is that my weight gain has slowed down. I'm not over where I need to be, but the previous two appointments I gained more than a pound a week and I was beginning to worry about the trend. This time was better and I feel like I will be able to stay within the healthy parameters. Don't worry... I really do care more about the health of my baby than how much weight I gain, but that is part of her health so I pay attention to it.

My only complaint... HEARTBURN!!!


  1. I'm glad you got good news! That must have been a relief. You look great--I love your hair in this picture.

  2. Heartburn advice:
    -don't drink water before bed
    -don't eat white breads :(

    Nothing cured mine 100%, but doing those things helped.