Sunday, January 23, 2011


It's been a pretty busy weekend for Micah and I. I'm now 18 weeks along in the pregnancy... not too far I know, but I'm excited to know that I'm almost halfway. I also get to have an ultrasound on February 8th when I'll be just over 20 weeks. Yay! I can't wait. I honestly don't even care about the sex of our baby, I'm just excited to find out. Also, I was looking at my picture at 16 weeks and I really did just look huge in that pic. My sister actually asked me if I was pushing it out and honestly I wasn't, but something about that pic made me look really pregnant. :)

On Friday Micah and I were able to pick up our finished "color me mine" products and I was so excited. The turned out great and I promise to post pictures next time. I just have to recommend going there for anyone who wants to try something different.

Saturday was my nephew's birthday party and my sister's birthday and party so it was a pretty eventful day. We headed down to my parent's to celebrate with my nephew and his little friends. It was really cute to watch them play the games. He only just turned 4 so the kids are still pretty new to birthday games and a lot of guidance is needed, but it really was all so much fun. My sister led it really well and it turned out to be a success. Next, we went up to Orem to play mini-golf at Trafalga. Not only was it indoor but it was also blacklight which was a lot of fun. The hard thing for me though was that I had a harder to bending over to pick up the golf ball then I thought. Haha. It was soooooooo much fun and Micah actually got the best score out of our whole group of about 15 people. We then had cake that my sister's friend Angelica made and it was so amazing. It really was the most moist cake I have ever eaten and the frosting and everything just complimented it perfectly. Micah wants me to learn to make it so we can have it at home. :) It was a really fun day and by the time we finally got home I was honestly ready for bed. Sad I know, but those that know me know it's not just because I'm pregnant... I am just a tired person.

Finally, today I made a great meal for our Sunday dinner. We had spaghetti and meatballs, homemade of course, and then homemade breadsticks. I had so much dough left over from the breadsticks though that I decided to make french bread with it. So if anyone who lives nearby wants some bread... come on over. It was a new recipe and it turned out great. I love making bread from scratch! Anyway, that's our weekend for ya... it really wasn't that busy but it was a lot of fun. I hope you all have a great week!


  1. Holy Smokes you are still so little. I can't believe that you are almost half way done. Where is the baby hiding? :) I can't wait to find out whose P's favorite cousin(and best friend) is....girl or boy.... who really cares he will have a friend!!! :D

  2. That Sunday dinner sounds great and the bread looks awesome!