Sunday, January 16, 2011

Keep on keeping on

I'm 17 weeks now and completely unsure of the gender of our baby. Originally Micah and I really wanted a boy and so we both thought that it was definitely a girl, but the more we thought about it we decided that we really want a girl and so now we think it's a boy. This shows that we obviously have no idea about any of this. My next appointment is on Tuesday and I really hope that they set up my 20 week appointment really close to me actually being 20 weeks so that the anticipation can hopefully be over. Everything is going well though so not much to complain about. Also, I realize that I look pretty bad in the pictures but I have to keep record, right?

Sorry to everyone that this is all you ever hear about now on my blog. When I actually do something that's worth blogging about it will definitely be posted. I realized though that the things that I might blog about are now things that I can't do because I'm pregnant. I couldn't even go sledding this year *tear* so pretty much my days are mellow and I just hang out with Micah and a few other friends. I guess I'll just have to make something happen...

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  1. You look great. Can't wait to find out what you're having!