Monday, April 24, 2017

Oh, my dear, Lila

Lila ate an entire pound of strawberries today!!!

I just had to post this... because that's crazy! Apparently she asked for some strawberries and started washing the whole box, so Micah decided he would just finish washing them and put them in a colander. He then set the colander out for Lila to enjoy a few berries, and continued on with his business. When he came back to check on her, he asked her where all of the strawberries had gone. With a perplexed look on her face, she simply stated that she ate them. Duh, dad! 

Oh, I love my little girl.

When Brighton woke up from his nap, he decided he wanted some strawberries, too. So for dinner, Lila and Brighton ate strawberries and carrots... well, at that point Lila only ate carrots.

What silly children we have!

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