Monday, September 12, 2016

Fall Soccer 2016

Of course, Lila is in soccer again. She did great this season. I really do think that she is getting better and better every season. She still absolutely loves it, so we'll continue to do it. I can't wait for next fall, just because that means Brighton will be joining Lila in playing. She had an adorable little team and they did very well for themselves. This season Grandma McSweeney and Aunt Sarah even came to watch her play. Lila loved her fan club.

August games...


September games...

Luckily, this season, they had an awesome playground RIGHT next to the fields for Brighton to play on and stay entertained. He likes watching Lila, but always wants to go out on the field and join her, so this is just better. Isn't the playground cute? It has a train theme, and eventually they're going to have a train that goes around on tracks for the kids to ride on. Cool, huh?!

What a handsome, little guy, I've got.

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