Wednesday, June 10, 2015

We Had to Say Goodbye

The summer so far has been so fun, but there have been a few sad moments, too. Our adorable dog Maggie had to be let go. She was having trouble urinating and Micah noticed Friday night that a "rock" came out of her. We knew that couldn't be good, so the next morning we called the animal hospital to see if we could get in. They asked us to bring her in immediately so we did. We new the news probably wasn't going to be good and that there was a good chance that Maggie wasn't going to be returning home. It turned out we were right. She had bladder stones. We couldn't afford the surgery or the special diet and medicine, so the only other alternative was to put her down. Or so we thought… 

Maggie is an incredibly sweet and well behaved dog and she is very healthy. The vet was sad to think that she would have to be put down even though she was healthy in every other aspect. When the vet went to get the person who puts the dogs down she came back with an alternative for us just in case we would be interested. It turns out at that animal hospital the doctors can choose certain dogs to sponsor. That meant that we would give Maggie to the doctor and she would pay for her treatments to help her get better then she would keep her in the doggy day care. Finally, when Maggie recovered the doctor could find a family to place her with or choose to adopt her herself. The doctor was relieved when we told her that we'd love to do that. Of course we'd rather have Maggie go to someone who can take care of her rather than put her down! We're really grateful that the doctor was very understanding of our situation and was willing to help us out any way that she could. We're also grateful that she chose to sponsor Maggie because she can only choose to do that with so many animals. 

We loved Maggie. I'm going to miss Brighton trying to ride her. :) We'll miss her for many other reasons, but it honestly ended up being the best for all of us.  We got her before we lived in a condo and she deserves a back yard to play in. We'll always remember our first pet as a family!

Our last family photo with Maggie. We took this right before she went to the hospital.


  1. I got teary-eyed just readying your post. It is hard to lose a family pet. I get sad when I think about Jack not being with us sometime in the future. :(